Are you a DJ? a Producer? Are you involved in remixing of music?
If so, then the contest is aimed directly at you!

Artento Divini - HEY! (Club139 remix)

The contest consists in creating the best remix of the single of our exclusive resident Artento Divini!

The winner is rewarded with:

  • a performance in Club 139 on the club’s birthday (June 14th 2014) alongside with the stars – Artento Divini and a special secret artist
  • a publication of the remix on Artento’s soundcloud, his facebook page,the facebook page of club139 and the website
  • a 30min. guest mix in Artento Divini’s F.O.M.B Radioshow that is broadcasted all over the world.
  • A set of entry tickets to the club for the whole year.
  • The winner can bring 10 guests with them – they get a free set of drinks and a loge.

To take part in the contest you must complete the application form on the right side of the webpage. All data must be filled in.

The details of the contest, download files and all necessary information are available in THE CONTES REGULATIONS (click here).

The contest application form!

Please fill in all the boxes.

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